An Alternate Design

Alternate Exterior Configuration

Alternate Exterior Configuration

A reader the other day asked about reversing the middle container so the doors could be opened all the way.  I told him that many of my first designs did this, and that there was a lot going for that configuration.  Since I haven’t been to my cabin for a while, and have been short on new posts, I thought I would show what this configuration would look like. Continue reading

Covering the Beams

These were the last uncovered remnants from removing  the walls with a cutting torch.  Two 2.5″x5″x18′ beams on the ceiling of the cabin – not a pretty picture.  Maybe if the walls had been cut with a plasma cutter they could have been used as is, although I think there are better options.  The easiest thing to do in my mind was to just build some fake wood beams around them. Continue reading

Wood Stove and Chimney

Jotul 602 wood stove

When it came time to choose a heating system for the cabin, a wood stove was the logical choice.  Cut and dried firewood is very reasonable around here, and if I’m so inclined someday I have plenty of trees to cut my own.  The wood stove I selected was the diminutive Jotul 602.  It’s the smallest one they sell, and it’s still rated to heat up to 800 square feet – more than adequate for my needs.  Continue reading

Deck and Landscaping

Cabin with deck

My shipping container cabin is starting to look less like a bunch of containers and more like a real cabin – at least when the doors are open.  The biggest single change has been the addition of a deck at the end of September.  This one thing has made working on and staying in my cabin so much easier that I wish I would have done it sooner.  It also allowed me to finally install the two large gliding windows on the right. Continue reading

Insulation Troubles

Wall InsulationThis has been the biggest hassle of the entire project.  The contractor I hired to insulate with spray foam started the job on September 25th, and just got around to finishing it on October 22nd – 4 weeks later!  There are still some issues with the work he did, but I am done with him now. Continue reading