June Update

June 2011

I finally got the chance to work on my cabin over the last two weekends.  Between a busy schedule and the lousy spring weather in Wisconsin, this was the first chance I have had.  Unfortunately though, I’ve had to spend the time taping and mudding drywall – definitely not my favorite pastime.  This is something I really wish I could have hired out, but I just couldn’t find anyone to do it for a reasonable cost. Continue reading

Tiny Container Cabin

Tiny Container Cabin Design

I haven’t been to the cabin lately, so I thought I would fill in with another design I’ve been working on.  I wanted to try and design a comfortable cabin, for just one or two people, in a single 20′ shipping container.  Let me be upfront here, a lot of inspiration for this was taken from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, except this one is much more secure.  Like the Tumbleweed houses, this would be the perfect candidate to build at home in your spare time and have delivered to a remote location when you’re done. Continue reading

Of Magnets and Metal Ceilings

Lamp hung from magnets

I’m really starting to like my metal ceiling.  I not only like the look, but it has stayed warm with no condensation down to 0° F outside.  I do have a condensation issue somewhere else, but I’m saving that discussion for another post.  One thing I was initially concerned with about the ceiling, though, was how I would add lights to it. Continue reading

Power System

Power System

Power System

I just finished installing most of the electrical outlets and switches this past weekend, and thought it would be a good time to discuss the power system.  It’s an off-grid system, mostly out of necessity, as I’m about 2/3 of a mile away from the nearest power line.  As convenient as it would be to have grid power, for me at least it’s not worth the considerable cost of running a line that distance. Continue reading