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The Shipping Container Cabin in Perspective

Secured Shipping Container Cabin

This will probably be the most controversial post I make on this blog.  I’m actually going to make the case AGAINST building with shipping containers.  Over the past several years I have corresponded with a fair number of people wanting to build a home or cabin out of shipping containers and, believe it or not, many times I try to talk them out of it.  It’s not that I regret what I’ve done (I don’t), it’s just that I only see a limited number of reasons to build with shipping containers. Continue reading

Buying the Containers

One of the first decisions to be made when buying shipping containers is whether to get used or new.  I personally chose to go with new containers for a whole host of reasons.  The only advantages I could see to used containers were cost and availability.  New containers are in such better condition throughout that it makes working with them that much easier. Continue reading


Looking southeast over the farm field

Looking southeast over the farm field with the old hunting shack

It’s about time I got around to talking about my new cabin – I’ve only been planning and working on it for over a year now.  I’ve had a beautiful 40 acres of farmland and woods in Northern Wisconsin closing in on 20 years now, and have never really done much with it.  I’ve used it mostly for hunting over the years, but I have always wanted to use it for more than that.  What’s kept me from that is not having a decent place to stay, especially for my wife. Continue reading