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Kitchen with Temporary Plumbing

Kitchen with temporary plumbing

The kitchen will be a work in progress for a while longer.  The cabinets, countertop, sink, and cooktop are in, but the plumbing probably won’t be installed until spring.  As a temporary measure I’ve modified an old galvanized steel cooler to serve as my kitchen faucet and water supply.  It works fairly well even though it does have a low flow rate.  I can even add water heated on the cooktop or wood stove to it if I need warmer water for dishes.  Continue reading

July Update

July 2011

This past weekend was my third trip to the cabin this month, and I’ve made some good progress on the interior during that time.  I’ve finished the bedroom, textured and painted most of the walls, installed about 3/4 of the laminate flooring, assembled some more Ikea furniture, and got a small start on the kitchen. Continue reading

June Update

June 2011

I finally got the chance to work on my cabin over the last two weekends.  Between a busy schedule and the lousy spring weather in Wisconsin, this was the first chance I have had.  Unfortunately though, I’ve had to spend the time taping and mudding drywall – definitely not my favorite pastime.  This is something I really wish I could have hired out, but I just couldn’t find anyone to do it for a reasonable cost. Continue reading

Of Magnets and Metal Ceilings

Lamp hung from magnets

I’m really starting to like my metal ceiling.  I not only like the look, but it has stayed warm with no condensation down to 0° F outside.  I do have a condensation issue somewhere else, but I’m saving that discussion for another post.  One thing I was initially concerned with about the ceiling, though, was how I would add lights to it. Continue reading